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Types of brakes, issues, common problems Are you interested in auto care?

There are hundreds of parts that make up your car, but none are more crucial than those that constitute your braking system. The proper performance of the braking system is critical to ensure the safety of you and your family. It is important that you understand the basic principles, issues and common problems related to your brake system. It will allow you to have a better understanding of how to maintain your brake system and take a decision as to whether your brakes need servicing or replacement.

Types of Brakes The first rule of auto care is to know everything about your car. For brake maintenance, you need to first select which type of brakes your car has. There are two basic types of brakes: drums and discs. Most cars come with power assisted rear drum and front disc brakes, since all cars are mostly factory equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS) which is computer controlled. An anti-lock braking system is designed to let you maintain the steering control which prevents wheel lock-up if you are braking on icy or wet areas or if a panic brake situation arises.

10 Common Problems and Solutions We have seen people come in with cars and complain that they are having problems with their brakes and need replacement. The brake service costs them a lot. Therefore, it is advised that you should have a complete knowledge about your braking system so that you can have well-maintained brakes. Still, there are many common problems related to a braking system. These common problems and their issues are discussed below.

  1. Brake pedal’s position: If your brake pedal stays at a lower position it indicates that there is a leak in your braking system. It could also be caused by drum brake adjusters which might not be working properly due to rust or stickiness. The solution is to show it to a specialist like us for readjusting, cleaning or replacing the adjusters, and repairing the leak.
  2. ‘Spongy’ Brake Pedal: If you have ‘soft’ brakes, i.e. when you push the pedal and doesn’t offer resistance as it should, then there is a possibility that there is air in the hydraulic system. You will need a mechanic who will drain and replace the break oil.
  3. Need to push the brake pedal too far in: If the drum brakes are not properly adjusted, brake pads have worn out or there is air in the lines, then this problem will arise. Although you can pump the pedal many times to compensate for the air in lines, you will still need to get your brakes fixed by a mechanic.
  4. Vibrations and Pulses in pedal when you apply brakes: This common problem occurs when the rotors on the disc brakes are worn out unevenly which should have been flat. Therefore, the rotors cannot make even contact with the pads and vibrations are caused. The mechanic will resurface the rotors or replace them if the problem is severe.
  5. A scraping noise from brakes: You will hear a scraping noise when there is metal to metal contact in brakes meaning that your brakes pads or shoes are completely worn out and a brake service is due. If you still continue to drive in such conditions, your brakes could be seriously damaged which can force you into an expensive brake replacement.
  6. Brake warning light comes on: This indicates that you have a leak in the brake system. It is crucial that you take your car to a mechanic and have the system checked as well as repair leaks if any.
  7. ABS Warning Light turns on: This indicates that the computer has identified a problem in the brake system and turned it off. Although no immediate danger is there, it is better to have the brake system checked by a specialist.
  8. Pedal drops to the floor: This is a common problem that arises when the pressure in the hydraulic system is not maintained because of a worn-out master cylinder or a leak. You should not drive and have your car towed to an auto repair shop to fix the issue.
  9. A ‘slip-grab’ feeling: When you apply brakes, it slips and then again maintains pressure. This problem is mostly caused when brake oil or other lubricant has leaked into the brake mechanism. In such a situation, your pads get contaminated and need replacement. Of course, the leakage problem has to be resolved as well.
  10. Brakes are hard to use: When it becomes difficult to use the brakes, it means that you are forced to put more power in the brake system because the vacuum assist might not be working properly. There could be check valve failure, or defective or leaky booster. In order to test the check valve, run the engine for a few minutes to build vacuum and then turn off the car. If you do not have power assist in a few minutes, your check valve is broken. To test the booster, turn off the engine, pump the brake pedal few times in order to empty the vacuum from the booster. Then restart the engine which should build the vacuum in the booster. If still there is not power assist, then your vacuum booster is broken and you need to tow your car to the nearest auto shop.

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