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Car detailing

What is detailing?

Whether we believe it or not, our cars speak a thousand words about us. And if your car is dirty –on the outside and inside – well, you get the picture. People can perceive you to be untidy, lazy, leading a busy life, frugal, or just not interested.

The most common excuse given by people for neglecting their car is time consuming or expensive to always keep clean. So, where to go from this? Let us explore the concept of car detailing to open your eyes to a whole new concept of car cleaning. What is car detailing? You must have heard the term ‘car detailing’ a lot these days. In different countries, it has different meanings.

For example, in UK it refers to thorough car cleaning while in US and Australia it refers to repairing and cleaning a car – inside and outside. Simply, car detailing refers to cleaning, polishing and repairing dents on a car using special tools and products that are not normally used in a standard car cleaner. Some light restoration works such as stone chip touch-ups and coat wet sanding are part of car detailing.

Car detailing is carried out to restore and enhance a vehicle’s paintwork by removing scratches and marks that have been caused over time. Let’s look at the steps involved in car detailing. This will give you a better idea of what it is and why it is necessary.

Steps in car detailing

The first step is to clean and wash the exterior of a car thoroughly. This will remove any dirt or contaminants that may be on it. During cleaning, a soft bristled brush may be used to clean window rubbers, trim details, plastic grills and badges. Most auto shops clean wheels and wheel arches as well. Specialist brushes are used to remove any brake dust or grime collected over time.

After washing and cleaning, a special clay bar and lubricant is used to clay the paintwork. This removes any leftover contaminants. This is an important step in the polishing process. After this, the exterior of a car is polished to remover marks, scratches, oxidation and other imperfections.

You must be thinking, “Why are we sharing this with you?” We want you to understand the car detailing process as carried out by us. This will allow you to decide whether quality work has been conducted or not. Shall we continue?

The polishing process is a multilevel task. Different grades of polish are used to repair dents and rust on a car. This step might take a couple of hours or sometimes even days to complete as it is a time consuming and labour intensive job. After polish, the paintwork is sealed using wax. This ensures that the paint bonds to the car surface properly.

This provides a car with long-lasting protection as well as a nice shine. After finishing off the exterior, the interior of a car is next. Interior surface is polished and enhanced like the exterior. Vacuuming the upholstery is also part of interior cleaning. This is just a short version of car detailing. The process is much more detailed and complex. Rest assured, every small step in car detailing is important to ensure that prestigious look of a car.

Benefits of car detailing

Why would you need car detailing? Does your car have any scratches or marks? Car detailing can help remove them. The purpose of car detailing is to retain much of the car’s original value. If your car is much older, neglected or abused, car detailing can even add value to it. According to statistics, car detailing can increase the value of a car by almost ten percent. It will restore your car to its former glory. Car detailing also helps prevent corrosion. It is commonly believed that car detailing is a luxury. In reality, it is considered as part of regular car maintenance. Undertaking car detailing every four to five months will maintain excellent condition of the paint.

Making a choice: You or a Professional?

What is your neighbour’s secret of having a spotless car? You wash your car every week, but cannot get that shine and look that your neighbour’s car has. Why? It is because he went for car detailing. No matter how many labour intensive hours you put in to clean your car, you just cannot get that professional touch.

Many tips are available on car cleaning and detailing which can guide you. Top-notch cleaning products are also available in the market. But it cannot beat a professional car detailer. Sure, professional car detailing takes a little out of your pocket, but the results are nothing less than incredible. Professional car detailers such as us, have our own tricks of the trade for cleaning and washing a car and giving that almost out-of-factory look.

So the choice is in your hands – either remain jealous of your neighbour’s car details or make him jealous.

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