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Cheap tyres – Why are they cheaper? How long they last? How do you know when to change them?

A tyre is a vital part of any car. No car can go from one place to another without it. When it comes to buying tyres, most of us feel confused when we walk into a tyre store and do not know what to buy. Many people rarely care about which tyre they are buying. They just buy them to get wheels for their vehicles as soon as possible.
However, Michelin has a saying: “So much is riding on your tyres”. This saying is a fact. Cheap tyres can ruin your car, whereas nice tyres can even make a shabby car look fantastic. If you do not care much about tyres or your car, then you can easily purchase any pair of tyres that you like. However, such thinking cannot last long. Once someone notices the tyres on your vehicle, you will have a new vision about them. A whole new tyre area will open up, and you will appreciate the importance of buying a tyre that is perfect for your car. Buying a tyre is not just a one-time action but a whole process that must be followed. Nowadays, people have an array of tyre options. Each tyre varies in price and quality. Since most of us do not understand the importance of tyres, we tend to buy any cheap tyre that is available. Buying cheap tyres can be cost-effective but they are not of high quality. Have you ever considered why they are cheap? Let us examine it.
Why are they cheaper?
When you purchase a cheap tyre, you are purchasing from an unknown brand or company that has nothing to lose. This company does not care about complaints made by its customers regarding the short life of tyres or poor quality. A tyre is not just a round rubber. It is more than that. Cheap tyres are cheap because of the rubber with which they are made. The rubber used is of the cheapest quality but looks the same as a high-quality tyre. If it looks alike, it does not mean that it is same. A cheap tyre might not be made up of UV inhibitors that help a tyre to deteriorate slowly from sunlight. A cheap tyre might not be able to resist heat which can result from high-speed driving. A cheap tyre cannot work effectively in different weathers. The main difference is the quality of rubber that makes a tyre cheaper. Given their quality, they do not last long. Let us now determine how long can they last?
How long they Last?
The durability of a tyre depends on four things: design of the tyres, your driving skills, condition of the roads, and maintenance of the tyres. You have no control over two things: condition of the roads and design of a tyre. Choosing a tyre is still in your hands. You can choose a tyre of high-quality or low-quality. A high-quality tyre will give you better mileage than a low-quality one. The longevity of a tyre also depends on your driving skills which you can control. If you accelerate or brake harder, your tyres will quickly wear out. Maintenance is also in your hands. You need to take a trip to an auto shop to check the alignment of the tyres and pressure. They will last longer if you maintain them properly. This holds true for both low-quality and high-quality tyres. However, given the quality, a low-quality tyre will wear out more rapidly compared to a high-quality tyre. Combining the quality and longevity factor, a cheap tyre is considered to last between 5,000 miles and 15,000 miles.
When do you know you have to change them?
A low-quality tyre will show physical signs of wear and tear. This signals that you need to change your tyres. Let us talk about regular tyres. The performance of your tyres is important for the efficiency, performance and safety of your car. According to Australian laws, you are required to replace your tyres when they have a tread depth of 2/32” remaining. When a tyre starts to show signs of wearing, improvement will be seen in dry traction and handling. However, its ability to perform in severe weather conditions will diminish. For instance, if you are driving in rain with minimum treat depth remaining, your vehicles will start to float on top of water, as tyres will lose traction. This will happen because water needs enough tread depth to escape through the grooves of a tyre. If it cannot do so, the tyres will hydroplane.
So the question is “how do you known when to change them?” There are many easy ways to determine it.
  • If you cannot feel strong on-course when steering the wheel and your car has weak road grip, you require tyre replacement.
  • If any physical damage such as cuts or deformations is observed, check it out and fix it.

Although it is easy to change a tyre yourself, it is advised that you visit a proper auto repair shop. The specialists can help you fit your tyres perfecting and align them, as well.

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