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Common Car Problems

We are still living in an age where artificial intelligence is yet to become common. That said, a car is still an idle machine that unfortunately, cannot take itself to a mechanic when it is sick. People still have to look after it and maintain its performance to give it a long life. Many people usually have a sick car on their hands because they have not repaired its problems. It is difficult to make a list of things that can cause car problems. No matter how high-tech a car is, a thing or two can always go wrong. These are known as common car problems.

Top four common car problems

Here is a list of top four car problems that can drive you and your car nuts unless you solve them:

  1. Rough riding Any problem with shock absorbers or struts or both can cause a driver to feel as if he/she is driving over a jagged or rocky road. A problem free car should be gliding over the road smoothly. Repairing shock absorbers or struts can be easy and inexpensive if the problem is found out early. If not, replacements become necessary which can be a little costly. Consult a mechanic as soon as you feel your car ride is getting rough and bumpy.
  2. Squeaky Brakes A squeaky sound can be caused by vibrating components in a car’s brake. It is a sign that some brake parts are not aligned or positioned properly. Vibrations between callipers and mounts, pads and rotors, or pads and callipers may cause a squeaky brake sound. A squeaky brake sound is sometimes caused by pushing the brake plate. Despite your best efforts, a mechanic is required to find the fault and fix it. Since the brake is a vital safety component in your car, it should be fixed immediately.
  3. Worn out Tyres A worn out tyre is the most common and often neglected problem. If your legs are hurting, you will apply some ointment. In the same manner, tyres are a car’s legs. They need to have proper maintenance to function properly. Many people drive around with insufficient tread depth. This can be dangerous as sufficient traction is required which reduces, if tread depth diminishes. A mechanic can check the tread depth of a tyre using a depth gauge. Physical wear signs on a tyre can also reflect poor maintenance. Visit a mechanic today to get your tyres checked.
  4. Clogged air filters As recommended in a car’s manual, air filters need to be replaced periodically. An air filter can collect dust and debris which can stop effective flow of air to the engine. Proper maintenance of air filters allows them to function properly. It also improves the efficiency of the car’s engine such as improved usage of fuel and better performance. Replacing air filters is an easy task and does not cost a lot. Any mechanic can easily do it.

Other common car problems

  • Old or low engine oil – A car’s engine can be damaged if it is run on low amount of engine oil or bad oil. Low level of oil can cause the engine to overheat while bad oil can be more taxing on a car’s engine. Lubrication of engine will also be affected by low level of oil causing permanent damage to it. It is crucial to regularly change the engine oil. You can do it yourself or have a mechanic help you out.
  • Warm air blowing from the air conditioner – In summers, nothing can be more upsetting than realizing that the car’s air conditioner is blowing warm air. This can be a result of low refrigerant in the system, or a compressor problem. Only a mechanic can determine the cause and fix it.
  • Wheel alignment and pressure – A wheel can be under-inflated or over-inflated which tends to cause problems that could have been avoided. If a wheel is under-inflated, it will wear quickly and fuel consumption will be higher. In addition, proper wheel alignment is also necessary to increase the life of a wheel. Taking your car for regular servicing can ensure that these two problems do not occur and if they are assessed, it can be rectified immediately.
  • Worn out windshield wiper blades – Clear vision is vital for driving safely. In certain weather conditions, worn out windshield wiper blades can reduce visibility causing accidents. It is advised that every year (minimum) wiper blades should be replaced. It is important to regularly service a car so that it can function at its best. Sometimes, small problems such those described above can lead to bigger and expensive problems. People who do not have technical car expertise to inspect and repair a car, it is recommended to visit a mechanic every five to six months.

Solving your car problems

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