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Preventive maintenance tips

Most people are not mechanics while others couldn’t care less as long as their car drives well and looks great. This is not a sign of a responsible driver. Every other week, it is important that a person check the working of his/her car parts. It hardly takes ten minutes to do so. Paying attention to a car’s maintenance requirements will save a person time, money and expensive repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Guide

Here are a few practical and easy preventive maintenance tips.

Align the tyres – Every few months, check the alignment of tyres by driving on straight flat road. Do not steer the car for a few seconds. If the car steers in one direction instead of going straight, tyres are not aligned. Take an appointment with a professional mechanic and have the tyres realigned.

Check the tyre pressure – The optimal tyre pressure is between thirty two psi and thirty six psi for an average family car. Still, it is better to always check the owners manual. Unbalanced or deflated tyres will cause shakiness and reduce gas mileage. Tyre pressure can be checked at any auto repair shop, usually for free. A good tip to remember is to change two tyres together. For example, buy tyres in pairs. Install the new tyres in front and move the front tyres to the back. It is important that you consult a professional before changing tyres.

Replace the air filter – The air filter is an important component of a car’s engine. It prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the air filter once every three to four months or as advised by a mechanic.

Check the fuel filter – A clean supply of fuel is necessary for the engine to operate efficiently. A fuel filter prevents dirt, small particles of rust and debris from entering the fuel system. If the fuel filter is incapable of trapping dirt, contaminants can plug the supply of fuel. In electronic fuel injector systems, fuel dirt can clog the injector or can damage the injector if it gets inside. It is recommended to replace the fuel filter every 50,000 kilometers but a professional might suggest to do it once every year. Replacing a fuel filter is inexpensive as compared to the damage a bad fuel filter can do.

Check the brake fluid – People usually neglect brake fluid in car maintenance. The only time brake fluid is checked or changed is when a brake problem occurs. Brake fluid is a hygroscopic element that over a certain period absorbs moisture. After a year or more, the fluid can become contaminated which lowers the boiling point till 25%. This can cause brake failure. If left unchecked, rust and corrosion can develop causing damage to the wheel cylinders, callipers and the antilock brake system. If you bought a car five years ago, and have not changed the brake fluid, it is important that you do it now. For preventive maintenance, changing brake fluid every two years can prolong the life of brake components as well as improve safety. Besides changing the brake fluid, the fluid level should be checked to ascertain it is not low.

Check the motor oil – In order to check the motor oil, park the car on a horizontal plane and check the oil dipstick. If the stick is deep red or black, have a professional change the motor oil. If the oil is not changed, it can cause excess strain on the car’s performance causing damage to the engine. Checking the motor oil periodically can save you a trip to the auto shop for engine repair.

Check the car battery – Many advanced batteries do not require much maintenance. However, to be on the safe side, the car battery should be checked periodically to ascertain that it has adequate water and acid is not leaking. Many advanced cars now have battery condition indicator that displays the condition of the battery – blue showing that battery is ‘OK’, white showing that battery needs to be charged and red showing that water level is low. This is an easy do-it-yourself task. If the battery is not checked periodically, problems might occur which will need to be solved by a mechanic.

Refill the antifreeze – Check the level of antifreeze periodically. It ensures that an adequate level of antifreeze is maintained to keep the temperature of the engine stable in all climates and driving conditions. If the engine is cool, antifreeze should be added. You can either check and refill the antifreeze yourself or ask for a professional’s help. It is important to undertake preventive maintenance periodically. Poor maintenance will increase your repair bills as well as affect the life of your car. Proper maintenance ensures reliability and longevity of your car.

Preventive Maintenance Services

We specialize in car maintenance for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Holden, Ford, Citroen, Hummer, Lexus, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and other brands. We have qualified mechanics and specialists, who will oblige to your every car need. Our ‘A’ grade qualified mechanics ensure that your car is thoroughly serviced to give your car another year of life. If you cannot come to us, our mechanics can come to you and pick up your car.

Our work is fully guaranteed and warranted.

We are keen to maintain your car to the highest standards. The benefits of working with us are quality, delivery and low costs. You can buy different car parts for car maintenance such as oil and spark plugs. We carry Castrol oil & other lubricants. In addition, Sunnybank Hills Car Services provides access to a vast tyre range including Continental, Pirelli, Yokohama, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Michelin