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Radiator or Cooling Problems?

Radiator cooling & radiator problems If you have a five or six year old Toyota, you know that its essential parts are the radiator, condenser and fan, if you want your car’s AC system running properly. We understand the importance of your air conditioning system as it is necessary for a comfortable and smooth ride. A car radiator on its own is not much help unless combined with a radiator cooling fan. The cooling fan blows air through the radiator which helps in cooling your car engine. It addition, the radiator cooling fan is also an important element of the climate control system. If the fan becomes overheated, you are required to replace it at the earliest otherwise you could face very costly repairs.

Why would the fan become overheated? Here are the top 10 radiator problems to answer this question.

Top 10 Radiator Problems and Solutions

  1. Constricted Flow of Coolant If your radiator gives you problems, one reason could be the build up of mineral deposits in the narrow and small tube located in the radiator’s core. When the coolant does not flow properly, the radiator stops to function correctly and reduces the capabilities of the engine. In order to solve the problem, you need to take your car to the mechanic who will flush out the build up material making the flow of coolant smooth again.
  2. Rusting If you see rust building up on your radiator, there is no easy way to repair it. It happens because of the salts, road debris, humidity and other catalysts causing chemical reactions. An auto care shop can use different chemicals to remove the rusting before the part completely breaks down.
  3. Thermostat is Malfunctioning If the thermostat is working inaccurately, it could lead to radiator failure which will require a replacement of the radiator unit from an auto care shop.
  4. Epoxy Failure Your car radiator might be of high quality but wear and tear of the epoxy is inevitable. Epoxy joins radiator’s seams to the rest of the unit which might require some maintenance and repairing from time to time.
  5. Brittle Hoses Brittle hoses in your car are subject to dry or crack which could lead to radiator failure. It is important to keep checking theses parts for any damage otherwise a trip to the auto repair shop is a must.
  6. Damaged Water Pump Similar to the malfunctioning of thermostats, a damaged water pump can prevent water coolant from circulating properly which can cause a major radiator disaster. It is important to replace the water pump between 500 – 100,000 miles. If not, then you will require a radiator replacement.
  7. Leaks Leakage not only affects your engine but has the capability of destroying your radiator as well. Leakages can only be stopped by a specialist at a repair shop.
  8. Electrical Problems Faults in the ignition wires can cause electrochemical reactions inside the radiator tubes which can stop the flow of water-coolant. Ignition wires give out electromagnetic energy naturally. If the current strays and reaches the radiator tube, it can destroy the radiator slowly but definitely. You need an auto technician to help you fix the ignition wires.
  9. Faulty Solders A solder is the part of the radiator that attaches many cooling fins to the core tubes. A radiator can cause problems if this part loosens. If this problem persists, it can damage the cooling fins which are thin and delicate. There are two ways that you can solve this problem- either do it yourself or visit a mechanic near you.
  10. Blown Seams If the same radiator is used for years, it can give problems due to wear and tear in blown seams. In such cases replacing the radiator is a must.

Raditor Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your car is very important if you want to keep it running at its best performance level. Radiator maintenance is a vital part of this maintenance. If your engine overheats, you will be faced with more problems than if you keep maintaining it on a regular basis. Maintenance of radiator is all about fluids. Properly maintaining the fluids in the radiator will cause fewer problems within the cooling system and keep your vehicle running for years to come. It is advised that the radiator coolant be replaced every year. It is also better to use the services of a repair shop to avoid any problems in the future if you do it yourself. In order to maintain the radiator’s performance, it is a good idea to visit the mechanic every year to flush the build up and refill the radiator. This will ensure that the cooling system is running well and your car is giving you good mileage.

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